MIZUNO inner Bio Gear V-neck sleeveless inner shirt

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[MIZUNO] Sportswear / Inner shirt / Undershirt / Compression shirt / Sleeveless shirt / North re-shirt / Tank top

BIOGEAR V-neck sleeveless inner shirt

A must-have for sports that have already been adopted in various sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, land, and golf!
"Biogear" that fits the body perfectly, improves performance by pressurizing, and supports the movement of muscles and joints.
Biogear was developed from an ergonomic point of view, eliminating dynamic function cutting, oppressive feeling, and allowing free movement.

[Material] Polyester, polyurethane

[S size] Chest circumference 85-91, height 162-168
[M size] Chest circumference 89-95, height 167-173
[L size] Chest circumference 93-99, height 172-178
[XL size] Chest circumference 97-103, height 177-183

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