SASAKI shoes inner (antibacterial/deodorant)/half shoes SS-4 [rhythmic gymnastics shoes]

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Shoes inner (antibacterial/deodorant) [SS-4]

New standard of rhythmic gymnastics!
An inner for exclusive use of half shoes of antibacterial deodorant processing
-Please attach it to your toes and use it as an inner for Demi shoes and half shoes.
It absorbs perspiration to prevent stuffiness and keeps your shoes comfortable. In addition, the thimble is a 5-finger type, so the fingers are well opened and the floor is easy to grasp. Also reduces friction between the instep and the floor!

[Size] S2-S: 16.0 cm to 22.0 cm M-L: 22.0 cm to 25.0 cm
[Material] 70% cotton, 30% acrylic

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