AT-mini Personal 1 Mini Personal Body Maintenance Performance Up Weak Current Ito Super Short Wave Home Use Genuine Product

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[Ito super short wave] Sporting goods/running goods/body care goods/body maintenance goods

●AT-mini Personal 1 mini personal household weak electric current
Portable microcurrent "AT-mini Personal" that supports conditioning care for athletes. Daily condition management is essential for athletes to perform at their best. The "AT-mini Personal I" and "AT-mini Personal II" are designed to be ultra-lightweight and compact, and can be used anywhere. increase. ITO's technology, which supports athletes on the world stage, supports your conditioning care.

[Effective care with 3 modes]

●COMB mode A mode that combines "HEAL" and "CARE".

HEAL timer: 1 hour, output level: MID
CARE timer: 11 hours, output level: LOW

●CARE mode Recommended mode for daily conditioning care.
Timer: 12 hours, output level: LOW

●HEAL mode This mode is recommended for treatments after training.

Timer: 1 hour, output level: MID

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