Adidas Soccer Ball No. 4 Ball for Elementary School Students Al Refra Pro Kids JFA Certified Ball adidas

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[adidas] soccer equipment/soccer ball/game ball/certified ball/official ball/official ball/practice ball/for elementary school students/for juniors/for JR/for children/for kids/for boys/for youth soccer
● AL RIHLA - Al RIHLA pro kids No. 4 ball JFA certified ball
Adidas NEW soccer ball "Al Refra series" used as the official match ball for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar tournament

"Al Rifra" means "journey" in Arabic and means a trip to Qatar, the host of the FIFA World Cup, and a trip to the final match of the same tournament.

[Color] White
- No. 4 ball (for elementary school students)
●JFA official recognition ball /JFA official recognition ball (Japan Football Association official recognition ball)
●Thermal bonding
●Sand prevention valve (sand does not easily enter and air leakage is minimized.)