Adidas Soccer Ball No. 5 Test Ball EURO2020 Uniforia Final Luciada adidas

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[adidas-Adidas] soccer equipment/soccer ball/general use/for adults/for adults/for college students/for high school students/for junior high school students/game balls/certified balls/official balls/official balls/practice balls
● Uniforia final Luciada No. 5 ball JFA official approval ball
UEFA EURO2020 finals and semi-finals official match ball. A replica model of the official match ball used in the finals and semi-finals of the 60th anniversary tournament "UEFA EURO 2020" that will be held in 12 host cities. Adopting a unique design that fuses national borders and expresses crossing a bridge.

[Color] Silver x Black
● No. 5 ball (for junior high school students/high school students/university/general)
● JFA official recognition ball (Japan Football Association official approval ball)
●Hand sewing
●Sand prevention valve (sand does not easily enter and air leakage is minimized.)