Molten Compass Floor Line Tape Pull Molten Futsal Basket Handball

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[Molten- Molten] Futsal equipment/basketball equipment/handball equipment/gymnasium equipment/line tape/gymnasium tape
● Polyline tape DX Poly tape

Compact tape applicator for easy application of circle lines. You can use a tape measure to draw a circular line with a radius of 1.25 to 9m. (basketball, mini-basketball, futsal, handball)

Compatible tapes: Molten vinyl tape TV0015 (50mm), TV0018 (80mm), line tape eraser for curves TM0017 (70mm)

The scale of the measure and the actual radius may be misaligned. If your game requires an exact line, measure the radius beforehand with a tape measure and tape accordingly.

[Country of origin] Made in Japan
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