SASAKI ball smoother (lubricant) [rhythmic gymnastics ball/rhythmic gymnastics equipment]

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[SASAKI] Rhythmic Gymnastics/Gymnastics/Rhythmic gymnastics/Ball/BALL

Ball smoother (lubricant) [M-746]

A lubricant for inserting the pump needle into the air valve.
In order to use the precious ball for a long time, we recommend that you always use it when inserting the pump needle.
When adjusting the air of the ball, attach a small amount to the tip of the pump needle before inserting. Smooth entry reduces the burden on the air valve. It can be used for maintenance of the air valve to prevent it from drying and make it last longer.
[Maintenance using smoother]
The air valve (navel) of the ball is more likely to be damaged if it becomes dry and hard.
Periodically, attach a small amount of this smoother to the tip of the ball pump, insert it so that it is perpendicular to the ball, and move the needle up and down several times. Lubricant spreads over the air valve, making it harder to dry and lasting longer.

[Size] Capacity: 5g
[Material] Glycerin

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