Sufida Futsal Ball No. 4 Ball JFA Certified Ball Infinite INFINITO APERTO Pro 4 SFIDA

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[SFIDA] Futsal equipment/Futsal ball/Futsal ball/FIFA official ball/JFA official ball/Game ball/Official ball/Certified ball/Practice ball/Junior high school student/High school student/University student/General use/Adult use/4 No. ball

●IINFINITO APERTO PRO 4 - Infinito Apeto Pro F League Official Ball Game Ball
A very popular futsal ball with a stylish design that stands out!

"APERTO" means "openness" in Italian. An epoch-making design that shines with a free, continuous and organic motif that is not bound by the regularity of pentagons and hexagons. The walls that stand in your way, the fragments destroyed by the challenge gather in the light, and you can feel the new possibilities opened up by sfida. This is a ball that symbolizes sfida's 2021 theme "OPEN THE NEW GATE".

Adopts a high-quality thermal manufacturing method that enhances true sphere and kicking comfort. Outstanding smoothness of the trajectory when the ball rolls, flies, and rotates. The high-grip skin supports the control of your feet and hands.

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