Junior DS light DS LIGHTJR GS Asics asics soccer spikes 1104A046-101

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[asics] soccer equipment/soccer shoes/soccer spikes (fixed type) for juniors/for JR/for kids/for KIDS/for children/for boys/for youth soccer/2022 fall/winter model
●DS Light JR GS - DS Light JR GS [1104A046 101]

A junior model of DS LIGHT equipped with a new sole for juniors that has evolved to accurately grasp the ground and flex appropriately, allowing you to run easily and fast. Equipped with a NEW meatless sole that achieves ease of running and stability. The upper has been updated to gently wrap the foot. The waist lining has been updated to a softer material that wraps around your feet.
Compatible with natural turf grounds, soil grounds, and artificial turf grounds

[Color] White x Mako Blue, White, Blue
[Upper] artificial leather
※DS light, DS light, D S light, D S light