MIZUNO baseball spike GE Tribe QS BLT global elite bracket

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[MIZUNO] Baseball equipment / baseball shoes / baseball spikes / metal spikes / metal spikes / Mizupro

GlobalElite --Global Elite GE Tribe QS BLT

Practice and match with this one pair. Belt structure that pursues fit and suppression of lateral shake.

In May 2019, the Japan High School Baseball Federation announced that white-collar spikes could be used as a measure against heat stroke, instead of the spike color for high school baseball, which was previously only black. With the lifting of the ban in 2020, Mizuno will start selling white-collar spikes as "White Spa".

[Material] Instep material / artificial leather, bottom material / synthetic bottom

[Spike] Metal (fixed carbide tip bracket)

[Weight] Approximately 295 g (27.0 cm on one side)

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