SASAKI Sasaki DEMI SHOES/half shoes #153 [rhythmic gymnastics shoes]

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The new sense of "Demi shoes" using stretch knit material has been highly praised both in Japan and overseas because of its softness like socks and the high level of fit to the toes as if you were acting with bare feet. It is a proud work of SASAKI.
In addition to rhythmic gymnastics, it can also be used as turn shoes for gymnastics.

*SASAKI's Demi shoes are products that have received design registration and utility models.

[Size] S2: 16.0 cm to 19.0 cm S: 19.0 cm to 21.0 cm M: 22.0 cm to 24.0 cm L: 24.0 cm to 25.0 cm
[Material] Nylon/Polyester/Polyurethane

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