svolme running shoes KELTRE Kerutore soccer shoes

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[Svolme] Land shoes / racing shoes / marathon shoes / running shoes / jogging shoes / training shoes / soccer shoes

-Engineered mesh upper: Midfoot & # 12316; The hindfoot has a bag-like structure that gently fits the foot. Excellent breathability.
-TPU Honeycomb Mesh & Toe Bumper: TPU support mesh that inherits the concept of the previous work. Increases the strength around the toe, which is easily torn, and improves durability.
-Support bridge: The non-sewn support bridge provides firm support while being soft and comfortable to wear.
-Reflective material: Reflective material is used around the heel to ensure safety at night.
Drop 10mm: Reduces the burden on the Achilles tendon and enables comfortable running.

[Material] 275g / 27.5cm (one leg)