MIZUNO Global Elite Baseball Glove first mitt hardball first baseman

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[MIZUNO] Baseball equipment / hard glove / hard glove / hard mitt / right throw / right throw / left throw / left throw / junior / JR / kids / KIDS / children / boys / For boys' baseball / For junior high school students

GlobalElite --Global Elite GA H Selection 02+ Hardball Baseball Gloves

New structure with increased toughness. A grab that is even tougher to grab.

A 10-14 year old golden age who visits only once in a lifetime, which is the most skillful player and can be learned immediately. At that time, a golden age exclusive model that steps up from boys and tries to learn more full-scale techniques.

[Position] For first baseman / first baseman

[Type] TK type: An orthodox model with a wide catching area and a box tailoring that allows you to catch a ball firmly.

[Material] Spherical surface / back: Madelender leather R (natural leather: cowhide)

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