MIZUNO Karate arm supporter 1pcs

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[MIZUNO] Martial arts / karate supplies / karate supplies / supporters / protectors

Arm supporter with one hand

It has a deodorizing effect on odors such as sweat, and reduces unpleasant odors when the deodorant tape comes into contact with odorous components. (Odor component: Effective against odors such as ammonia, acetic acid, and isovaleric acid.)

[Material] Body: 40% rubber, 20% rayon, 18% cotton, 12% polyester, 10% spandex, pad part: PU foam (finger part), pad part: EVA foam (wrist part)

[Size] Free size, minimum 24 cm to maximum 32 cm, adaptation guideline 26 cm to 30 cm, length: 25 cm

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