MIZUNO Karate Reversible Fist Supporter for elementary school students [ All Japan Karatedo Federation certified product ]

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[MIZUNO] Martial arts / karate supplies / karate supplies / fist supporters / fist support / junior / JR / kids / KIDS / children / elementary school students

Reversible fist supporter, 1 pair of both hands, Japan Karatedo Federation certified product

Fist supporter for non-contact (stopping).

Improved fit by improving the stitching on the back of the hand, improved breathability with the newly adopted wrist rubber belt, improved shock absorption by increasing the wall thickness of the pad, and improved operability by adopting 2WAY fabric at the base of the thumb.

All Japan Karatedo Federation Certified Product (Japan Karate Federation)

[Target] All small (elementary school students)

[Material] Epidermis / PU leather, contents / PU foam 2-layer structure, wrist, finger rubber part / rayon x cotton x rubber

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