MIZUNO Karate Fist Supporter All Japan Karatedo Federation Certified Product

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[Mizuno] martial arts/karate equipment/karate equipment/fist supporter/fist support
●Fist supporters 1 pair of hands All Japan Karatedo Federation certified product
Fist supporter for non-contact (dimension stop).

Equipped with a thumb cover so that it can be used in games where men are worn. Finger-stopping rubber is divided into 4 parts for better operability, safety and fit. Velcro tape is used on the wrist, making it easy to put on and take off.

(Foundation) All Japan Karatedo Federation Test Product (Zenkuren)

[Target] National Athletic Meet, Masters, Inter-High School, High School Selection, All-Chu, All-Japan Selection, All Japan
[Material] Outer material: PU leather, Contents: PU foam, Belt: Rubber
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