MIZUNO bat hardball baseball Victory Stage Victory Stage V Kong 02 metal bat

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[MIZUNO-Mizuno] Baseball / BASEBALL / Bat / Bad / For rigid type / Metal

Victory Stage-Victory Stage
V Kong 02 [2TH20421 03N / 09N / 50N]

-Metal bats for hardball can be used in high school baseball!
Introducing a manipulable size of 80 cm into the vertical polishing V Kong 02
By adopting middle balance, the balance of the bat is set in the middle.
Bat for middle-distance batters (for middle hitters) that can aim for long hits
By adopting a D / C plug and setting a recess of 16 mm, the tip of the bat is further reduced in weight
-Along with the aperture at the tip of the main body, both lightness and durability are achieved.
-Uses a resin that is harder and stronger than conventional caps.
-Achieves an excellent shot feeling.

[Length] 82 cm
[Weight] 900 grams or more
[Color] Silver / Black / Gold
[Country of origin] Japan