ZAMST supporter for ankles for left foot A2-DX

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[ZAMST] Sports equipment / sports goods / sports accessories / supporters / ankles

For adults, for ankles, for left foot

Developed as a supporter exclusively for the Achilles tendon, which did not exist before.
-Improves the stability of the tendon and heel and firmly supports the Achilles tendon.
-The Achilles tendon pad that gently wraps around the Achilles tendon enhances the stability of the Achilles tendon.
-The outer strap that uses the taping function (heel lock) enhances the stability of the heel.
-By stabilizing the heel of the Achilles tendon attachment, the burden on the Achilles tendon is reduced.
-A non-stretchable material is used for the taping function (suppression of dorsiflexion) of the outer strap to suppress dorsiflexion of the ankle where the Achilles tendon is stretched.
-Since the Achilles tendon is made of a soft and cushioning material, it gently protects the Achilles tendon.
-In addition, draping is used to achieve a high fit.

[Material] Polyester, nylon, polyurethane, chloroprene, styrene
[Size] S (19.0 ~ 22.0)
M (22.0-25.0)
L (25.0-28.0)
LL (28.0-31.0)

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