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For both left
for adults knee
Design-knee under is suitable for a case before the collapse, such as.
- by suppressing the upset of forward, it is also safe dashes or sudden stop.
? Gently dishes (patella) of the knee, and a semi-circular Paterapaddo to accurately compressions, enhances the stability of the knee.
? While maintaining breathability, power double Russell that combines a moderate compression force, to achieve a comfortable fit and hold a sense.
- bending and stretching is also less discomfort of the knee, you can smoothly.
? By open design under partial knee, corresponding to the large calf thickness and shape of the individual differences.
- It is possible the optimum fitting adjusted to the person wearing.
While suppressing the ground with the - to the left and right knee, it has been designed to allow the stretch bending smoothly, has adopted its own active resin stay. (Patented)
- and X (cross) strap attached to the front lower portion of the body, parallel strap equipped thighs portion and knees back effectively compress in response to movement of the muscles of the thigh portion and the crus portion, the front of the lower leg suppress the ground with to.

Material polyester, nylon, polyurethane, Chloroprene, polystyrene, acrylic
[Size: thickness of the thigh] S (40 ~ 43)
M (43 ~ 46)
L (46 ~ 49)
LL (49 ~ 52)
3L (52 ~ 55)
4L (55 ~ 65)
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