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for adults wrist
Mak over the thumb only Easy installation of.
? Wrist lightly hold, and then support the play.
- on top of the fit and easy to stretch the dough to the movement, it has adopted a double structure to place a "compression line" to provide a moderate pressure.
? Finger over the thumb in loop, easy attachment and detachment because only stop wound.
By-body all Ridome tape attached to the inside, to suppress the deviation in the play, to maintain a fixed wrist.

Material styrene, (including latex) polyester, nylon, polyurethane, rubber
[Size: thickness of the wrist] M (13.0 ~ 17.0) ¿½¦ product width 6.5cm
L (15.0 ~ 21.0) ¿½¦ product width 7.5cm
¿½¦ This item will take your time about 3 days to 7 days to ship for the manufacturer obtaining commodity.
In addition there might be even be out of stock after your order, please note.