MIZUNO MP putter A304 MP-A3 series golf club

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[MIZUNO] Golf club / putter

MP putter A304 MP-A3 series [5KJSP80404]

Three models are available in the "MP-A3" series, which is machined from soft iron forging.
A new lineup of 3 models that can be selected according to the putting style. You can choose according to the putting style of a wider range of golfers.
-By cutting the upper part of the face diagonally and making it white, the square feeling at the time of address is emphasized.
-By thinning the cavity, both a feeling of playing and a solid feeling are achieved.
-By adopting a score line for the face part, a comfortable hitting sound is achieved.
-You can experience the control performance and delicate touch corresponding to high-speed green.
-The wide sole and notchback structure expand the toe-heel moment of inertia. Even if the hit points are slightly different, the wide sweet area shows a stable direction.
With head cover

[Shaft] Steel shaft / 34 inches
[Material] Mild steel (S25C) forged + machined
[Length] 34.0 inches

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