MIZUNO racket bag 6 purse racket case [ tennis soft tennis badminton bag ]

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[MIZUNO] Sports bag / Sports bag / Badminton bag / Tennis / Soft tennis bag / Racket bag / Racket case / Spring / Summer 2018/2018 S / S

Racket back 6 pieces

A new 6-piece case is now available in the NXT series, which is popular with students!
-Shoe pockets and side pockets.
-There is a shoe storage pocket separate from the main body storage, so you can easily put in and take out shoes.
A pocket that can store tournament programs, etc. is placed (A4 size compatible)

[Size] Approximately L78xW22xH35cm

[Capacity] Approximately 45L

[Material] Polyester (back processing PU), synthetic leather (PU)

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