VON ZIPPER goggles JETPACK METALLIC PLATINUM / TRU-DEF Japan-Fit 15/16 snowboard

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[VON ZIPPER-Von Zipper] 2015-2016 model / snowboard supplies / snowboard goggles / SNOW GOGGLES


Popular eyewear maker that celebrities also love [VON ZIPPER-Von Zipper]
The gorgeous feeling that is different from other manufacturers is popular!
High-end model [JET PACK] equipped with [4 PLAY Lens Interchange System] released by VONZIPPER.
-This work is frameless and realizes a wide viewing angle.
-To remove the lens, just press the four buttons on the top and bottom of the frame! Just attach the lens to the 4 places with buttons! It's very easy.
-The on-board [TRU DEF LENS] is an almighty lens that can recognize clearer and more accurate field of view and color by blocking blue light, and can accurately see unevenness and transition on the snow surface. ..
-Goggles that come in handy when you can't easily return to the base, such as in the backcountry, because you can respond immediately to sudden changes in the weather.


[Lens color] TRU-DEF

* Japanese genuine product, domestic genuine product, JAPAN-FIT, Japan fit, Asian-Fit, Asian fit