SAVAS protein aqua Whey Protein 100 grapefruit flavor 1 bag 840g

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¿½Ÿ Zabasu Aqua whey protein grapefruit flavor 1 bag (840g)

- drinking clean water, the ideal of muscle.
Sports pursuit of drinking ease immediately.
- realize that the spout clean by aqua process in clear to change the common sense of the protein.
- It is protein sports drink sensation that can be moisture replenishment pursuit of drink-friendliness of the high sport immediately after the protein intake efficiency.
- "Whey Protein 100% use"
- as a protein raw materials, absorption of good the "whey protein" You are using 100 percent.
Since the training in accordance with the protein intake point, such as immediately after the can supply the protein, supports the ideal body building.
? "Citric acid, seven B vitamins plus vitamin C" formulation I'm happy to body "citric acid", it is essential to the body making "seven kinds of vitamin B group", indispensable to the health maintenance has blended the "vitamin C".
- "Zabasu Aqua whey protein 100" is, that where I am served a day two to three times (about 42g) as a guide, compensate athletes seven types of vitamin B group that requires a day, a shortfall of C as it has been designed.

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