Zabasu protein Zabasupuro clear protein whey 100 clear flavor one bag 378g input SAVAS

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[ZAVAS- Sabbath] protein / supplement / nutritional supplements / training food

Zabasupuro whey protein clear 100 taste-free

- Protein content 97% (per product anhydrides) carefully using high purified high purity whey material WPI (Whey Protein Isolate). As Zabasu, high spec a protein that increases the protein content to the highest level.
? Trained carefully the clear flavor, in our own super clear process, as much as possible to suppress the whey distinctive smell, was the pursuit of clarity, such as water. And sports drinks as well as water, yogurt, so do not interfere with the taste be added to the soup, served delicious in accordance with the variety of food. Because it is clear flavor, to high-spec without changing almost taste also be added to your protein everyday. You can ingest more protein in one meal.

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