Titleist fairway wood VG3 Golf Club

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VG3 Titleist Wood Club

-By mounting a weight of about 20 grams of tungsten on the rear outside of the head, the center of gravity is lowered and deepened.
-It is designed to fly with a high launch angle and a strong trajectory.
-Adopting a forged cup face with oval processing, the sweet area is expanded and energy loss due to off-center hits is reduced.
Low Hande: "It's easy to hit draws and fades, and it's hard to go to the left. I think this driver is a masterpiece." "The face is good and the initial velocity is high."
Middle handicap: "Good ball grip, high trajectory and strong" "Much easier to handle than 913 series"
-Advantages: Good balance in flight distance, directionality, and operability. It is a highly complete model for everyone. Like a brand for the Japanese market, the head is made of high quality. The feeling of playing the face is on the stage above the "913" series.
-There is no adjustment function in this time, and although it is Titleist, it is not stylish and the price is premium.
[Loft] 5th 18th, 7th 21st
[Length] 5th 42.5 7th 42

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