Protein Zabasu amino power protein pineapple flavor 4.2 g E ~ 33 pieces SAVAS

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[ZAVAS- Sabbath] protein / supplement / nutritional supplements / training food

Amino power protein pineapple flavor 4.2g x 33 bottles

The power peptide, in whey peptides that we have independently developed, is what was destroyed in the early peptide absorption whey protein.
Original formulated to support the body development, "power peptide" + "whey protein" + supports the body making you want to be in the original formulation of the "amino acid". Anytime, anywhere-to-drink stick type!
Since the shake ready-to-drink along with beverages such as unnecessary and water, you can easily drink like timing.

This item may take a number of days about 2-7 days to ship for the manufacturer Toyo. In addition there is the case that even after your order out of stock, please understand in advance.