SAVAS protein weight-up banana taste 1 can of 420g

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[ZAVAS- Sabbath] supplements / protein / nutrition supplements

¿½Ÿ Zabasu weight up banana taste 1 can (420g)

- chunky big body building.
- as a protein raw material, absorbing good to "whey protein" is used 100%, blending the excellent energy supplement "maltodextrin".
? The exhausted body in the training can be supplemented with protein and carbohydrates, and supports the body development and recovery.
? Easily consumed by training, has been blended with calcium, iron, magnesium tend lost in sweat and not essential to the body making "11 kinds of vitamins".
- "Zabasu wait up" is, that where I am served twice a day (about 42g) as a guide, is designed athlete is 11 kinds of vitamins that require a day, three types of the shortage of mineral compensate as you have.

[Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd.]

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