SAVAS Zabas Protein Type 1 Strength Vanilla Flavor 1 bag 1155g

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[ZAVAS] Protein / Supplement / Dietary Supplement / Training Food

Type 1 strength vanilla flavor

"100% whey protein + power peptide enhancement" We use 100% "whey protein" which is well absorbed as a protein raw material. It can be efficiently replenished according to the protein intake point such as immediately after training. In addition, we have strengthened the power peptide that is nice for making an athlete's body.

* Power peptide is a whey peptide originally developed by our company, which is obtained by decomposing whey protein into a peptide with good absorption.

Contains "11 kinds of vitamins + 4 kinds of minerals" It contains zinc, 11 kinds of vitamins, and calcium, iron, and magnesium, which are easily consumed by training and are indispensable for body building, and are easily lost by sweat.

By taking "Zabas Type 1 Strength" twice a day (about 42g) as a guide, you can make up for the shortage of 11 kinds of vitamins, calcium, iron, and magnesium that athletes need in a day. It is designed.

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