SAVAS protein type 2 speed vanilla taste 1 can of 378g input

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[ZAVAS- Sabbath] protein / supplement / nutritional supplements / training food

Type 2 Speed ??vanilla flavor

"Whey protein and soy protein + BCAA strengthening" Indispensable to the powerful muscle "whey protein" and indispensable to the stamina some muscle "soy protein", further, has formulated a well-balanced help the sustainability of stamina "BCAA (branched chain amino acids)".

"11 kinds of vitamins +4 kinds of mineral" formulations Easily consumed in the training, and contains zinc and 11 species that are essential to the body building vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium tend been lost in sweat.

"Zabasu Type 2 Speed" is, 2 times (about 42g) that I am served as a guide, the athlete is 11 kinds of vitamins, so as to compensate for the shortage of calcium, iron, magnesium you need a day to day It has been designed.

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