Protein Zabasu SAVAS Whey Protein 100 powdered green tea taste 1 bag 1050g

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SAVAS Whey Protein 100 1 bag taste green tea 1050g 50 servings

Protein of Zabasu that are best-selling in Japan!

Soluble in early water than conventional protein, further up also taste! Adopted also easily soluble Zabasu own homogeneous granulation process in a cup instead of a shaker.

Unique blend of vitamin needed for body building. Athlete four B vitamins that require daily, vitamin C, designed to compensate for the shortage of vitamin D.

Since the raw materials are using 100% of the "whey protein", excellent absorption of the earlier protein immediately after training, support the ideal body building.

[Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd. / meiji]

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