SASAKI Professional skin foundation top (with clear strap and cup pocket) [rhythmic gymnastics goods/rhythmic gymnastics wear/rhythmic gymnastics equipment]

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Professional skin foundation top (with clear strap and cup pocket) [F-253]

I don't care if I can see the shoulder straps! New release of clear strap!
-The long-awaited transparent strap type has been added to the foundation top using sports underwear material, which is rich in elasticity, water absorption, and quick drying, Progress Skin (R)!
Because it fits even with vigorous movements, it is hard to sag and you can wear it as if you were wearing it on your bare skin.
Progress skin underwear
Comes with a cup pocket that can hold an optional #252 bust cup.
You can also set it up with the F-281 Pro Skin Shorts (beige), which is sold separately.

[Material] Progressive skin (R) (85% polyester, 15% polyurethane)

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