GAVIC finger Chi GK glove navy x pink [Goalkeeper Gloves / soccer goods]

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[GAVIC] Soccer equipment / futsal equipment / goalkeeper equipment / keeper gloves / keeper glove / key glove / GK glove / GK GLOVE

Inward winding: The seamless design that winds the thumb palm from the inside to the instep side enhances grip. 2-point strap: Secures the wrist in 2 places. Improve the fitting to prevent misalignment.
Free slit: Smooth movement is achieved by considering a highly elastic material between the thumb and index finger.
Neo-catching cut: An innovative style that is cut into a shape that makes it easy to catch the ball provides a grip that makes it stick. A unique curve cut is applied between the index finger and little finger to prevent slippage and support a stable saving.
Flexiline: The notch in the instep allows for natural catching.

[Palm] Contact grip (3mm palm)

[Color] Navy x Pink