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Hall post storage type [GGG-047]

ASICS ground golf
Ground golf equipment for everyone to enjoy
A hole post that can pack 8 holes that are convenient for moving and storing
A hole post that can store 8 units for 8 holes in one bag, and can prepare equipment with one bag when moving and storage space
-The pole is painted with alumite and the hole is colored with chrome plating, which is a beautiful finish not found in our conventional products.

* With 2 U nails (steel: (L) 5.5 cm)
* The image flag is not included. Please purchase separately.
* (Public corporation) Japan Ground Golf Association certified product

[Size] Diameter 36 cm x Height 157 cm
[Weight] Approximately 1 kg

* This item is ordered by the manufacturer, so it may take 2 to 5 days to ship. In addition, please note that it may be out of stock even after ordering.