New Balance running shoes HANZOR Hanzo R M E2 2E land shoes

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[New Balance / NB-New Balance] Land shoes / Ekiden shoes / Running shoes / Jogging shoes / Training shoes / Walking shoes / 2019 spring / summer model

The racing shoes "NB HANZO v2", which was created in collaboration with M.Lab, which is presided over by Hitoshi Mimura, a modern master craftsman and shoemaker, is finally here.

The racing shoe "NB HANZO Rv2", which is equipped with various unique functions and supports serious runners aiming to break their own records, has evolved further in collaboration with M.Lab. In addition to the new last that fits Japanese feet, the REVLITE midsole with a one-piece structure that is extremely light and repulsive, and the upper with enhanced support, it is available in two types of wisdom, D and 2E. ..

In addition, this series is sure to be the hottest shoe that many players will wear in the Hakone Ekiden.

[Upper] W Russell mesh / mesh / TPU

[Wise] 2E / Standard

[Color] Emerald x Black