Bespoke Morelia 2 Short Tan White x Black MIZUNO Soccer Spike

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[MIZUNO] Soccer equipment / soccer shoes / soccer spikes (fixed type)

SportsHEART bespoke color Morelia 2 short tongue style [P1GX152209]

The limited edition white-collar short tongue-style easy order "Morelia 2", which can only be obtained at the Morelia station, has been upgraded to the 2015 ultra-lightweight model!

Among the soccer shoes that many professionals such as Kengo Nakamura and Toshihiro Aoyama love, the classic, barefoot-like "Morelia" Moreste limited model!

Very flexible, thin and light Scotchgard kangaroo is used, so it fits your feet very well! The more you wear it with Thai Trust, the more it will fit your feet!

Also, from this model, it supports all pitches such as natural turf, artificial turf, and soil ground. Comes with an original shoe bag and shoe care set (shoe cream, brush, cloth)!

[Color] Super White Pearl x Black, White, Black

[Upper] Natural leather (Scotchgard kangaroo leather)

[Stitch] Normal stitch

[Last] Tight last

[Weight] 215g (27.0cm one leg)