SASAKI multi-colored ribbon 5m [rhythmic gymnastics ribbon/rhythmic gymnastics equipment]

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[SASAKI] Rhythmic Gymnastics/Gymnastics/Rhythmic gymnastics/Ribbon

Multi-colored ribbon 5m [MJ-715MC]

Suppleness and luster created by the traditional Japanese satin weaving technique
For Sasaki ribbons that are hard to rotate because they do not easily generate static electricity, we select the threads, weave them, and finish them in Japan.
Gradation ribbons are dyed by craftsmen carefully one by one using the excellent dyeing technology of ancient Japan to achieve delicate shades with rich colors.
-A SASAKI multicolored ribbon that draws a beautiful gradation every time it moves with an exquisite color scheme.
Multicolored dyed ribbon with a color scheme carefully designed to create beautiful gradation

*Due to manual dyeing, the texture may differ slightly from one item to another, and there may be some uneven dyeing

[Size] 6m or more in length
[Material] Rayon

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