SASAKI Ribbon Set/Ribbon Stick Set [Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon/Rhythmic Gymnastics Supplies]

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[SASAKI] Rhythmic Gymnastics/Gymnastics/Rhythmic gymnastics/Ribbon

Ribbon set [MJ-760S]

Suppleness and luster created by the traditional Japanese satin weaving technique
For Sasaki ribbons that are hard to rotate because they do not easily generate static electricity, we select the threads, weave them, and finish them in Japan.
Improved to rubber grip
-A reasonably priced ribbon set with a 50 cm long stick and a 3 m ribbon attached.
Because it is short, it is easy to handle, and even beginners can enjoy using it.
-The swivel at the tip can be removed.
* The specifications of the handle have been improved from "Wind spool (MJ-750S)" to "Rubber grip".

[Size] Ribbon: 3 m or more in length Stick: 51 cm in length
[Material] [Ribbon] Rayon [Stick] Fiberglass, rubber grip

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