MIZUNO water towel swim towel 34 E44cm swimming

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[MIZUNO- Mizuno] swim goods / fitness / goggles / swimming / SWIM / gym / fitness / swimming / athlete

Water-absorbent towel 34 x 44cm [N2JY8011]

Simple monochromatic type that contains the Mizunorogo.
? Wipe squeeze, it is many times used water towel.
- wet the skin and hair, only to pat lightly pom-poms, and water in an instant, it resurrected the original water absorption if narrowed down, it can be used repeatedly.

The first time you use, wash the preservation solution is immersed in a towel, please well targeted.
It will be hard and dry, please use the soft and soaked in water.

[Size] 34 x 44cm
Material body: PVA sponge in the core: polyester

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