SASAKI 3 hole skill protector [gymnastics/gymnastics]

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[SASAKI] Rhythmic Gymnastics/Gymnastics/ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS/Hand goods/Protectors/For iron bars/Belt type/3 holes

Skill protector [P-108]

-A three-hole protector for iron bars.
Sasaki's protector can respond to violent movements Sasaki's protector uses cowhide
-The outer surface has a reputation for processing and strength, leaving the outer skin. It is recommended to use while familiarizing yourself.

L ([A] 15.5cm [B] 20.0cm), M ([A] 15.0cm [B] 19.5cm)
*For the A and B dimensions, refer to the description in the product image.
* Cannot be used for purposes other than gymnastics.
*Before using, be sure to receive sufficient guidance from the instructor and select the one that suits your purpose and individual.
*Since we use natural leather, the texture, strength, color and stretching of the leather may vary depending on the production time.
* Cowhide is a natural material, so it may expand or contract slightly due to dryness or humidity. Also, be careful when cutting leather before using it.
*To prevent accidents and perform properly, be sure to read the "Caution Prevention Caution Sticker" before use.
* Please do not use the protector's leather if it is stretched excessively.
*We cannot accept inquiries about defects caused by customer processing.

*This product is ordered by the manufacturer, so it may take approximately 1 week before it is shipped. Also, it may be out of stock even after ordering.
Please note that we cannot accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations after completing the manufacturer's arrangements.