SASAKI 3-Hole Skill Protector [Gymnastics Goods/Gymnastics Equipment]

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[SASAKI] Gymnastics/gymnastics/artistic gymnastics/hand goods/protector/for iron bar/belt type/3 hole

Skill protector [P-111]

・ A 3 -hole protector for a horizontal bar that uses a higher grade cow -sardinal leather. It comes with a finger prevention valve.
・ Sasaki's protector responds to intense movements SASAKI's protector is used in cow skin
・ The outside has a reputation for processing and strength, leaving the skin. ・ We recommend that you use it while familiar.

・ L ([A] 14.5cm [B] 20.0cm), M ([A] 14.0cm [B] 19.5cm) * A, b For each dimension, see the explanation in the product image
* Cannot be used for use other than instrumental gymnastics.
* When using, please receive sufficient guidance from the instructor, choose the use and one that suits each individual.
* Due to the use of natural leather, the texture, strength, color, growth, etc. of the leather may vary depending on the time of production.
* Cowbean leather is a natural material, so it has some stretch and contract due to dryness and moisture. Please be careful not to cut the leather before using it.
* Be sure to read the "Precautions for Accident Prevention" before using the accident and performing reliable acting.
* Avoid using it with the protector leather excessively extended.
* We cannot accept inquiries about the problem due to processing by the customer

* Because this product is a manufacturer's product, it takes about one week to ship it. In addition, it may be out of stock even after ordering.
Please note that we cannot accept any returns, exchanges, or cancellations after the manufacturer is completed.