Morelia NEO 2 MIZUNO Soccer Spike P1GA165001

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[MIZUNO] Soccer equipment / soccer shoes / soccer spikes (fixed / natural turf / soil / artificial turf compatible) 2016 Fall / Winter model

MORELIA NEO 2-Morelia Neo 2 Morelia Station Limited Model

Morelia 2's ultra-lightweight model "Morelia NEO", which is lightweight and highly flexible, has been reborn as a second model!
Suede-like lining on the inside of the shoe is also used on the back of the shoe and the back of the tongue for a great fit!

[Color] Black x White, Black, White

[Upper] Natural leather (Scotch guard kangaroo leather), artificial leather (microfiber)

[Weight] Approximately 190g (27.0cm one leg)

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