SASAKI Wrist Protector (pair/set) [gymnastics/gymnastics]

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Wrist protector (pair) [PR-45]

Reduces the burden on Jim Nast's wrist. Two left and right plates (four in total) are included to adjust the hardness.
-The ends are velcro, which makes it easy to put on and take off.
NEWL size is available!
[Estimate of each size] Estimate of S size: Approximately 14 to 15.5 cm around the wrist
Approximate size of M: Approximately 15 to 16.5 cm around the wrist
Approximate L size: Approximately 16 to 17.5 cm around the wrist ¿½© New size
[Material] Table: Belseym (R) nylon, polyester Back: Polyester
With 2 left and right plates (4 total)

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