Morelia IN MIZUNO futsal shoes Q1GA170009

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[MIZUNO] Futsal shoes / indoor shoes / gym shoes / indoor shoes / soccer shoes (for indoor indoor use)


Indoor futsal shoe model of the super popular Mizuno soccer spike "Morelia 2" with a lighter and more flexible barefoot sensation!
The shape maintenance function is improved by using artificial leather for the heel. A new model created by an engineer who made Morelia in Japan who went to an overseas factory and reviewed the design together. In the old model, kangaroo leather was used for the upper midfoot and hindfoot, but in order to enhance the sense of stability in futsal, artificial leather similar to kangaroo leather is used. As a result, the fit and stability unique to MORERLIA are maintained.
In addition, by reducing the overlap of the material of the cuff and adopting a thin and soft material for the eyelet and tongue, the best improvement at the moment that the developer himself is convinced is made.

[Color] White x Black, White

[Upper] Natural leather (washable kangaroo leather), artificial leather

[Weight] Approximately 255g (27.0cm on one side)

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