UNION binding CONTACT PRO contact professional White 19/20 snowboard

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[UNION-Union] 2019-2020 model / snowboard equipment / binding / binding / SNOW BINDINGS / men's model / men's model

CONTACT PRO --Contact Pro

A model supervised by Gigi Rough.
The high-back design that has been reduced to the limit is also characteristic. The base part is completely covered with bushings, and a minidisc is used, so you can make the most of the flex of the board. Comfortable operability and shock absorption are realized by using the special material EVA for the soft bushing.
With a soft feel, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, from gratis and park to powder. Recommended for those who want to delicately control the board while feeling the board flex.

[Size] M size (approx. 25.0 cm to 28.0 cm)

* With Japanese genuine warranty, with domestic genuine warranty