GRAY snowboard Banbina Bambina Flat 143 11/12 plate

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[GRAY-Gray] 2011-2012 model / Snowboard equipment / Snowboard / Board / SNOW BOARDS / Women's / Women's / Women's / Women's

Banbina --Bambina Flat 143

Bambina is a flat camber soft flex twin. The intermediate feeling between rocker and camber combines looseness and carving. It is a model with almightyness that you can easily carve by standing a board, jib, gratri, free run.

Softflex Twin
Deep side cut that starts the turn with a little cornering
IS7500 Sintered Base
Printing sole design
High carbon stainless steel edge made in Japan

[Overall length] 143 cm
[Waist] 232 mm
[Shape] Twin
[Shape] Flat Camber-Flat camber
[Setback] } 0

* Comes with a domestic genuine warranty.