TELOS snowboard CHILLUM TWIN FREESTYLE Chiramutsuin freestyle BLUE 18/19 plate

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[TELOS] 2018-2019 model / snowboard equipment / snowboard board / SNOW BOARDS / men's model / for men


-The true twin camber has excellent control in the park and stabilizes the approach to the item.
-The new "Carbon Spring Pop System" demonstrates the ultimate pop and performance by arranging next-level carbon fiber from the top to the bottom of the board so as to weave X-WOOD and poplar.
-Adopting a lightweight and durable tri-axle fiberglass structure, this "CHILLUMU TWIN" can be said to be the perfect board for making pretrick in parks, terrain and flats.
-A completely new Carbon-Springs Pop Systen core using carbon, poplar and X-WOOD.
-Top sheet with a print on the back of the thermoplastic polyurethane material.
-Uses Sintered PTEX 3000, which has both gliding performance and ease of handling. (Die-cut logo)
Sintered UHMW sidewall with excellent shock absorption
By weaving fibers from three directions, the transmission speed to the edge is increased, creating a strong torsion altitude.

* With domestic genuine warranty and Japanese genuine warranty.