SHRED goggles AMAZIFY Bigshow White CBL Sky Mirror 19/20 snowboard

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[SHRED] 2019-2020 model / snowboard equipment / snowboard goggles / SNOW GOGGLES /


A popular model in the flat lens series with an impressive sharp edged shape.
Of course, the shred wide field of view ensures a wide field of view, and all models of SHRED have an Asian fit.
Although it uses a flat lens, it is manufactured by putting it in a mold from the beginning like a spherical lens with an emphasis on a comfortable field of view. This eliminates the distortion that occurs in the light and appearance that occurs when manufacturing by bending from a flat surface.
AMAZIFY is a complete model packed with all of SHRED technology.

[Lens color] CBL SKY MIRROR (VLT 45%)

Japanese genuine, domestic genuine