SMITH goggles I / O MAG XL Black 19/20 IO Ior snowboard

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[SMITH-Smith] 2019-2020 model / snowboard equipment / snowboard goggles / SNOW GOGGLES

I / O MAG XL is an evolution of IO MAG as much as possible. With this size increase, the field of view up, down, left and right is further expanded, and the frame system for eyeglasses, which has been highly requested, is adopted.
The extra large spherical lens that covers the large frame uses the world's best chroma pop lens and 5X anti-fog technology.
Even at this size, the integration with the helmet is exquisite and SMITH's unique Air Evac function enables fog free vision.
A unique magnet system and lens security system are used for the lens lock. Two chroma pop lenses are standard equipment (excluding dimming models). Compatible with ODS-3.

[Frame color] Black

[Lens color] CP Sun Red Mirror / CP Storm Rose Flash (with spare lens)

* JAPAN-FIT --Japan Fit, Asian-Fit, Asian Fit, Domestic Genuine, Japanese Genuine