VON ZIPPER goggles CLEAVER HAL Japan-Fit 18/19 snowboard

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[VON ZIPPER-Von Zipper] 2018-2019 model / snowboard supplies / snowboard goggles / GOGGLES


Popular eyewear maker that celebrities also love [VON ZIPPER-Von Zipper]
Model with WILD LIFE lens
-Goggles [CLEAVER] designed in pursuit of a sophisticated form and a wider field of view.
-Ventilation function with excellent classical looks. Recommended model for three-styler.
-Furthermore, this is equipped with a recommended [WILD LIFE lens].
-Because it is a blue light cut lens, there is no doubt that it will slip with good visibility!
-It is also recommended for beginners as it is a reasonable price with good cost performance.

[Frame color] HALL DOR SATIN
[Lens color] QUASAR CHROME

* Japanese genuine product, domestic genuine product, JAPAN-FIT, Japan fit, Asian-Fit, Asian fit